Saturday, 14 April 2012

the money issue...

i didn't want to do it but i think it is time to talk about the money.

the whole thing started because we wanted to save money but we found that we couldn't. there was no where to cut back. after rent and council tax and other bills all our money went on food and kids activities. we budgeted carefully, planned our meals, used washable nappies but there was nothing extra.. we were only just surviving month to month. this was made worse by papajoes sucky job. he worked ridiculous hours, including weekends and evening and was often away. but they didn't seem to appreciate the effort he went to, the time with us that he had given up. they expected, in fact demanded more and more. because we couldn't save any money we were stuck. maybe when our contract ran out in april we should of moved to a smaller house and let him carry on his horrid job for another year or two while we saved but we couldn't face it. after baby was born and we, finally after two years, had papajoe at home for a while we realised how much we had missed him and how much we needed him with us. it was then that we made up our minds that we couldn't carry on, we needed to get him out.   

my grampy had offered us some of our inheritance early in order to start us off on this mad adventure and we have managed to put together a very small sum from the sale of our furniture and the return of all (can't quite believe it.. big boy spent at least 12 of the 18 months we were there scribbling on walls and radiators) of our deposit from the house. but when he sadly passed away last month we found ourselves in the awkward position of having to raise the inheritance question earlier than was perhaps appropriate. i don't want to take away from the sadness of his loss. he was loved dearly by us all and will be missed intensely but we are relying on his money to be able to move forward. the money has gone into probate and we are now waiting to hear when it will be released and how much it will be.  

the fear of course is that we don't know how long it will take. that we will use up the small amount of money that we have scraped together waiting and drifting from place to place. papajoe has two weeks left of work and we want to be celebrating and moving forward. but we are not really sure where to go. it is the first time i have felt really nervous about this project and what will happen to us.


  1. Hang in there hun it will all work out! xxx

  2. Things Will all become clear soon. Hang in there and try to keep positive, you are doing this for all the right reasons and whatever happens you will have each other, along with lots of wonderful friends to support you through your adventure. Sending love xxxxxxx

  3. Sorry to hear the sad news of your Grampy. Just have faith that although things haven't gone as you would have had them that it will all unfold perfectly for you perhaps in ways you wouldn't have imagined. Try to do what children do and keep yourself firmly grounded in the now and the joy of the journey.

  4. thank you lovely ladies. we are in fact having a lovely time visiting and playing in the sunshine. i need to let go of my worries and just enjoy each and every day. x

  5. Lol its hard isn't it, I really should practice more of what I preach!!