Friday, 6 April 2012

stylish homelessness

homelessness in (messy) style..

travelling bunting courtesy of the fantastic motherfunker at feetonthegroundandheadintheclouds
double bed and en suite shower room courtesy of my lovely mummy
and the mess.. oh crap i need a whole house to fit all my mess


  1. OH WOW!! Brilliant I look forward to reading your adventures! We got as far as selling our house, packing up our stuff, putting it in storage but then unpacked it all into my parents house lol!! I have a little dream involving warmer weather and a winnebago..... Still trying to convince hubby that Sky sports isn't really an essential so its still a little way off yet!
    Maddie xx

  2. thank you. warm weather and winnebagos sounds fantastic. we are having a quiet easter not really thinking about the enormity of it all. we still have so much more planning and organizing to do if we are ever going to pull it off. hope you are having a restful bank holiday. x x