Monday, 2 April 2012

clean and paint my house

well i am out.. i set off last night leaving papajoe behind to finish up.. i would like to say i left after a very productive day and there is hardly anything left to do but i'm afraid it is quite the reverse. mostly we watched tv on the laptop, ate quiche and pretended to be working.  saturday was only slightly better. only two of my mumma friends could make it in the end so while one held baby and the other cleaned the windows i ran around like a headless chicken not achieving an awful lot.

the children, i was hoping would enjoy their last day in the garden and i would get lots of great bouncing and splashing photos to remind us of our last few days in the house. but after two weeks of glorious sunshine it was grey, windy and a bit too chilly for the paddling pool. instead they sat in a dark room glued to nanny mcphee and the big bang

the whole of our house is squeezed into 82sq ft of storage container..

and as of tuesday we will be officially homeless.


  1. As of Tuesday you will be officially buildingless. You wont be homeless cos the earth is your home and your loves are your home :-) xxx

  2. Wow, you have done it, how amazing is your photo with the wee one in it! Will be thinking of you on your adventure. Yikes makes me think how much stuff do I have! xx

  3. good to hear from you becca. loving the spotty pics the other day. maybe see you when we are visiting the west country and the new little girly in the next couple of weeks. x

    1. So thinking of you, hope you have a great Easter break visiting family, Big hugs, xxx