Wednesday, 28 March 2012

the big trip is cancelled

a lovely day in the sunshine with the wonderful motherfunker who bought us all kinds of goodies, boxes and bags and yummy things to eat. but i can't shake the disappointment that our big trip for tomorrow is cancelled. the yurt guys can't fit us in and so the kids will have to wait, i will have to wait until another day. we were, to make a day of it, also planning a trip to the british museum. doll has gone mad for the egyptians these last few days and we were going to see if we could hunt some out. however we have decided that london is too far for us to just go anyway and we ought to stay home and tick some things off the to do list.. but you know what.. fuck it.. one day can't hurt. it is papajoes birthday and i refuse point blank to make him give up a lovely day in the sun for boring house stuff. so we won't go to london, doesn't mean we can't do lots of other fun sunny things and have one day not thinking about the move.  

since writing the above papajoe has refused to go along with my plan, he is convinced that i am mad.. we must make use of the day we have been given to get on with stuff. there is just to much to do to relax we must work work work! we may, in order to celebrate have a mini butterfly hunting trip to the woods but that is all. for the rest of the day we must deny all knowledge of birthdays. he has insisted on no presents, and although i would normally ignore this ridiculous request i have totally failed to get anything what with the kids bugs etc, so he will have nothing to open. i will have to get up first so he can have coffee and toast in bed.

oh well.. still have the party to look forward to. tiny bit worried that if this weather continues we will all lounge in the garden, drinking the cider papajoe has requested, and nothing will get done. but it will be a lovely way to say goodbye to the house. i am grateful for the things it has given me over the last 18 months and it deserves a good send off.

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