Monday, 12 March 2012

mummy has a mini break

although i feel that i somewhat abandoned papajoe when we need our weekends more than ever.. i have had a lovely couple of days in the south west. baby (honorary girl for the day) and i spent saturday celebrating the soon to arrive and the recently departed. my wonderful cousin is due to give birth and to prepare for this joyous occasion we had a girly day at her boat. filling her birthing space with female energy and beautiful handmade bunting. we ate scones and drank tea from china cups and saucers supplied by the lovely becca at while we sewed like our lives depended on it. in remembrance of my grampy, who left us just last week, i used some off cuts from his old shirts to make a patchwork triangle. a fitting tribute to a man that we all loved so very much and now will miss meeting his newest great grandchild.

while i will have missed two days of packing and tidying i do feel i have achieved something. a long car journey with my mother provided us with lots of time to talk and think. i always feel better once something has been discussed with her.. even as an adult her advice and opinions are invaluable to me. we have organised for her to empty our house of her belongings and anything we plan to store in her garage. she has also persuaded me that it will be worth investing in a new bed as we are currently sleeping on a futon matress on the floor. since space is going to become a big issue for us i have started to obsess about triple purpose furniture. if it doesn't do at least three thing it isn't welcome in my home! for that reason i have been looking at pull out daybeds they function as sofas pull out to double beds and have drawers for storage. ikea can be great, light and easy to assemble, fairly good value for money but so boring and generic.. if you are going to live in a yurt your furniture should have some personality.  

despite my guilt for leaving him and my panicking that nothing would get done it turns out i left the sorting at home in good hands. papajoe had organised for a bookcase and an armchair to be collected and i have come home to a very empty living room and an amazingly clean kitchen. he has even cut the grass! doll has tidied the playroom and big boy has messed it up again.

last job for the weekend organise a clean and paint my house party so look out for your invite...


  1. Looking forward to the invite although may due to naffness of wrist just be the designated tea maker.... Can I slap you if you obsess too much? xxx

  2. Sorry about your grampy, big hug xx glad you had a lovely weekend tho xx

  3. I have been so slack keeping up with blogs this month. But so nice to come and read your blog and catch up. Thanks for the mention too beautiful. It was one of my favourite weekends on the boat with Nicola and meeting all of you. Going to have to catch up now and read all your exciting news .
    Becca xxx