Thursday, 8 March 2012

what is next for us?

so.. papa joe has quit his job and the pack up has begun. we have less than a month to be out and with no where to go i should be starting to panic. i am in fact quite calm. happily spending a chunk of each day sorting things into piles.. keep keep, keep in storage or goodbye forever. every room in the house gradually seems a little emptier as my goodbye forever pile grows and grows. how wonderfully cathartic it is just to let go.. though i have not yet tackled the hat or scarf collections that i have been growing for the best part of my adult life.

what is the plan? when we are organised and ready to go we will have to float for a while.. a week here or there, maybe a brief trip to france. we will wait it out till papa finishes work and then we will buy our yurt. and yes, we probably ought to of found somewhere to put it by now but i have faith that the right spot will appear just in time. 

if you are anything like most of my family you have, by this point, fallen off your chair in a combination of shock and hysterics, but we are not mad. we are just desperately looking for an affordable way to be more together. and we most certainly will be more together in our one room. of course there are worries but i will come to those later. today i am just enjoying dreaming and planning as i bag and box and clear and clean. 

this is just the beginning.. who really knows what is next for us. 


  1. :-) well I for one think it's totally awesome... I know I could never do what you are doing, we would end up tearing our hair out if we lived so on top of each other but I can totally see why you would want to do it. I wish you luck with it and am also here to help along the way however/whenever I can, as you know. Eeek!! :-) x

  2. Expect us to come and pitch up as often as we can!!! If you need any help looking for pretty locations, just shout :-) what a wonderful and joyous adventure xxx

  3. Good luck with your new adventure, Viv xx

  4. Hello! Great to discover your lovely blog. So great to meet you this weekend after hearing about you for years. Really enjoyed meeting wee one too. Exciting new adventures for you soon! Can't wait to hear how it all goes. You are so brave too, I'm not sure where I would start with getting rid of things forever,(like all my teapots!) I so need to learn your skills. In awe. Take care for now. Big hugs, Becca xxxx