Friday, 23 March 2012

everything is going to plan and then...

after i promised myself and my mother that i would at least write a few sentences everyday i have not even opened this page for over a week. in my defence i have achieved next to nothing with regards to the big move and i almost felt there was nothing to say. i was wrong. a good friend reminded me that is important to be honest, no sugar coating life. it is just as valuable from a looking back perceptive to know there were times that nothing got done. when everyone felt poorly and we just watched tv for days. i say tv, big boy has just been watching octonauts on a never ending youtube loop. finally after almost a week of sick and fever and then pus and blood leaking from his ear he is starting to brighten up. doll has flirted with feeling ill also but has not managed anything more serious than an infected thumb, which would be recovering nicely if she would stop picking at it.

what else have we done that has prevented our organising and packing? we went to watch doll being a bridesmaid (and eat some fabulous cheesecake) at her dads wedding. and we celebrated the life of my grandfather with a beautiful service in wotton baptist church. consequently i have had the dads army theme tune in my head for the last few days.

now we are home the panic is setting in.. we have less than two weeks to get organised. i haven't found a garage for local storage and the house is FULL of stuff. but still i am struggling to find the motivation to do very much. i even went to our favourite home ed group in my pjs. i have got to get on with it..

and so in the spirit of getting things going again i have today taken down my picture wall. my family and friends are now safely wrapped in newspaper and ready to go into storage. i will miss having those photos about me very much. i will endeavour to get them out again at the soonest possible moment as i am worried that it won't feel like home without them. i also had a conversation with granny knickers who, despite obviously thinking i have lost my mind, is being very supportive and has offered us somewhere to stay while we wait for papajoe to finish work. the kids absolutely love her so it should be good fun and i can starting pretending that we are taking a long holiday rather than becoming voluntarily homeless for a month.


  1. it sounds like you have had a very busy week. i hope everyone is feeling well soon x

  2. I hope it is a real holiday with granny knickers - she and all the little and large junior knickers are very much looking forward to it! and although quite certain that your mind is not working as it should is secretly rather jealous of the adventure you are embarking upon.:)

  3. can't wait to see you all! x

  4. i will help as much as i can in the next week or two....eeek so exciting! am going to come visit as a month away will be too long for us ;-)

  5. thank you.. and yay to visiting! x

  6. Poor big boy! Hope he is feeling better now.

    Wish we could be of more help! If we weren't ill we'd be over helping out this weekend. Hope you get it all done and if we can help in any way please do ask.

    So excited for your new adventure! Life is too short for regrets and you will look back and go "Wow! We did it!" :)

    Lots of love xxx