Monday, 9 April 2012

easter break

the whole family is together at mums (even my big little bro) so made a decision not to think about the big move and just enjoy the long easter weekend. sadly it didn't work out quite that way.. had some advice from a friend of ours with regards to wood and that has thrown up some serious questions about where we buy our yurt. i don't know wood so the larch vs ash debate is going to take some research. any thoughts welcome..? 

there are so many companies that sell yurts, people who will teach you to make your own yurt. they range in price and size and optional extras. it is so confusing and there is so much more to think about than i ever anticipated. and it goes so much further than which wood.. will it be carved or painted? what flooring do we need? what about a stove? how many layers of felt and canvas? what about windows and a door? and that is just the yurt. that is not even touching on washing facilities, a toilet, cooking facilities, other furniture and the really big one.. location. so much for not thinking.

on a more fun note our first week without a house is nearly up and it has been a busy week for kids. baby is interacting and moving more and more everyday.. he nearly sits independently, is reaching and grabbing and even tried his first taste of banana. doll is writing her own name and can tell me things about the ancient egyptians i never knew before. and big boy, well he is always busy and now when he wants to avoid answering questions or doing what he is told he tells you as much. "sorry mum, i'm very busy".

tomorrow we set off for the west country and the next stop on our imposing yourself on your relatives tour. it should be a fantastic week catching up with old friends, and going to familiar places. watch out bristol. 


  1. Missed you at Npc today. Enjoy your time in Bristol but don't stay away too long! ;)
    When are you going to be back and scouting locations? xx

  2. REALLY hope i get to spend some time with you love! xxx

  3. hello guys
    laura sent a text to say she's been told that. . . ."in dorset they use holly and hazel. if you choose larch it is a strong soft wood and it should never ever be treated or painted because this will cause it to completly rot. the cells in the wood automatically break down and form a barrier any treatment or anything will prevent that happening and it will rot really quickly" so much for simple living in a field!!!! lol it all sounds very educational and stressful at a different leve!!!!!! missing you all love melissa

  4. Hi Abi,
    My 2 pennies worth on the larch-ash debate, from Tony.
    Ash is classed as a hardwood, whilst Larch is officially a softwood (albiet deciduous). don' t let the hard and soft bit fool you, balsa is a hard wood, whilst Yew (favoured for longbows) is a softwood. it's just a classification, but generally hard woods are more resistant to rot than softwoods.
    I have had a quick look at the strength and flexibility properties. the two woods are comparable properties wise. Ash can be heavier so that may be a consideration when moving about. The biggest bit of advice is the quality of the wood. Knot free with a straight grain will give a strong piece of wood regardless of the type. Knots and uneven grain will weaken the wood regardless of type and general properties. Coppiced or 'farmed' wood is gernerally straighter and less knotty than wood cut from an old tree. Hope this helps. Tony ;-)