Tuesday, 1 May 2012

papajoes last day

the last time i sat at a computer for any length of time i was settled very comfortably into an arm chair in the rolling hills of gloucestershire. we have since been to a rain soaked hampshire and our now hidden in a corner of the fantastic tourist destination.. cheddar gorge. 

despite the rain we had a wonderful week with granny knickers and the boys. big boy and baby had their first trip to the cinema, and we discovered a beautiful playground and some wooden animals at alice holt forest http://www.forestry.gov.uk/aliceholt

a momentous occasion has manged to slip by us barely noticed in all the hullabaloo of moving a family around the country. papajoe finished work. 

it was a day i expected to be full of tears of excitement and jumping up and down but was in fact, at least for the kids and i, a day of miserable traffic and poo explosions. so after a miserable journey we arrived at the worlds first garden city the kids ate and slept and i, although hoping to join papajoe and some work friends in the hotel bar sat in the corridor with my book. he came back at three in the morning, i was long asleep.

and now we are here.. some wonderful fenland friends came to visit and fill our first two days here with noise and thoughts of home. seeing them has made me long for east anglia in a way i never thought i would.

i am starting to tire now of this open endedness, this feeling of going nowhere. we need to get things moving this week.. maybe some more concrete plans will create a more settled feeling. now papajoe is at home we should have more time for thinking and organising.


  1. Love you....that's all I got to say.... x x x x x

  2. Go go Papajoe. Shame our paths didn't cross as you journeyed west and we went east. Come stay at our fenland pad some time soon. Hubbafunker

  3. watch out as we will take you up on that offer! lets make a plan x

  4. way to go PapaJoe. Breathe deep and relax, properly, now you have shed the fetters of the rat race

  5. Yay for last day at work! :)
    Looking forward to having you back this way. Phoebe keeps asking about Autumn.
    Lots of love xxx