Tuesday, 8 May 2012

bongo a go go

i am taking a quick break from packing the golf the last time ever.. not because our road trip is over but because we bit the bullet and bought a bigger car. quite fed up with squeezing five people, three car seats, a enormous suitcase and all our other nonsense in to our fairly small vw we were swept up by the madness of ebay and have bought a bongo. we have a mammoth drive tomorrow to go and check it is up to scratch before handing over every last one of our pennies. the kiddos are so excited that they will be able to sleep in the pop up top and i must admit that i am too! 

our other super exciting news is that we (keep everything crossed now) potentially have three sites to go and visit when we next find ourselves in east anglia. nothing is definite but, people seem to want to talk to us and that is an amazing start. i am feeling really positive.

i won't say any more now i don't want to jinx it except... 
go me and go my lovely family things are starting to happen!!   


  1. Yeahhhhh!!!!!!! Bongos rule. Keep them frequently topped up with water though or they get sad and their head gaskets melt. Ours is in the garage right now. Been quoted a grand to get to get her fixed. A grand my arse! If you get parts yourself its much much cheaper! Be prepared to source your own parts cos japanese importparts are a hassle to source. But in spite of this Bongos are awesome. Love, love, love Bongos! ekkkkk how very exciting! xxx

  2. Yay for the bongo! Can't wait to see pictures. :)
    And it sounds promising that people want to meet you! Go Abi & Joe! xx

  3. Sounds exciting, good luck with it all!