Thursday, 3 May 2012

advertising me..

this week we have started to compile a list of interesting sites and i have started to write a small advert selling.. well.. me. when my mum suggested it a few weeks back i acknowledged that it was a good idea and then went on to completely ignore her advice and do nothing. turns out that is was not just a good idea but totally necessary. when writing an email to someone you are hoping may consider having you living on their land you need to sell yourself.

now, i think that papajoe and me are fairly likable and have some practical and useful skills between us but putting that into words has proven quite difficult. we are a hodge podge of random things and that is hard to quantify. our skills not necessarily connected and our interests wide and varied, i think that makes us interesting and potentially useful to have around but i am worried people will think we are scatty and unfocused. what we are, i am discovering more and more, is very determined. something that was just a pipe dream this time last year is becoming closer and closer to a reality. 

these first few days together have made me realise what this has all been for.. home made soup and long walks all of us together come rain or shine. 


  1. Just recently found your blog. Wanted to wish you well and look forward to reading about your adventures x

  2. That is such a beautiful picture. Good luck with finding the perfect place xx

  3. thank you ladies.. making some real progress and feeling very excited today!! xx

  4. Exciting to see you making plans! :)
    Selling yourself is a good idea... I would buy you! ;)
    I love the beautiful photo at the end - it captures you and your lovely family so well.
    Missing you xxx