Monday, 9 July 2012

week no.1

we have survived our first week of yurt living through torrential down pours and severe flood warnings. what is more we have survived unharmed, apart from one small leak by the door and the small bog surrounding us. mainly it has been exactly as expected.. a bit like luxury camping ( i refuse to use the term glamping). 

we have no electric or running water and we have a small walk to the nearest toilet but we do have a wooden floor, a proper front door and tonight a proper mattress! we have borrowed a table from the straw bale building so are managing to be quite civilised at meal times. well as civilsed as you can be when you are baby led weaning and babys favourite food is mashed potato. 

papajoe built us some shelves for our kitchen area which will only need a small amount of tweaking before they are perfect and we are on the hunt for pallets to make some more bits of furniture. the big kids are having a bed designed and built by the lovely tim germain which will be so multi purpose (and curved) i get excited just thinking about it! 

all in all we are settling in nicely, getting to know everyone better and doing odd jobs to help out. if only it would rain just a little less so we could really get out and enjoy the space, visit the beach (only half an hour away) and get started on the millions of jobs we need to get done. 

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  1. Sounds like it is all coming together! :)
    Was great to see you last week! xx