Friday, 20 July 2012

5 things...

5 things that are great about yurt living -

1. the beautiful painted roof poles and doorway
2. the clear crown wheel cover fills the space with daylight/moonlight and it makes for some         
   spectacular lightning shows
3. our bespoke handmade higgledy-piggledy furniture
4. we are much more in touch with the outdoors - with nature and the weather
5. i can stay in bed and still be in the thick of family life

5 things that suck about yurt living -

1. once one of the kids is up we all are
2. we are in a mess all of the time even when we are tidy (that may have nothing to do with the yurt)
3. everything needs winding up all the time (papajoe describes this as a 'fun challenge')
4. the mud, the mud, the bloody mud (this may have more to do with the crazy wet summer)
5. i keep banging my head on the four foot door

5 things we still need to do -

1. take down and re build the yurt - we are seriously wonky
2. make a kitchen unit for our new oven
3. build a composting loo/tree bog
4. build beds for us and for kids
5. cut down the floor stuff in a load of felt and sort out the tarp

5 things we have done already -

1. built some very nifty kitchen shelves
2. papajoe built a very interesting outdoor table
3. installed a wood burner
4. located local libraries, swimming pools, charity shops and pub!
5. started organising home ed group - just need a good name


  1. Can't wait to come see the yurt! Might have to come offsite for a few hours whilst at HESFES and come see you. All very exciting! :-)

  2. This reminded me so much of our yurt living days, pallet based furniture, mud low doors kids everywhere and that lovely round space. Just discovered your blog!