Monday, 18 June 2012

a home at last?

aaahhh i don't really know where to start.. i am so excited i can't stay on my seat.. i keep jumping up and down and screaming.

we have somewhere to live.. somewhere so amazing and exciting that i can't really believe that they want us.

we thought originally we would set up in fairyland and it was great there.. the bell tent looked beautiful surrounded by woodland and willow and with fairy lights all round the entrance but it just wasn't practical. really it was a thoroughfare and we felt in the way of the school party that were staying in the main hall. plus the power line i had failed to notice before with the huge "danger of death" sign was slightly off putting.

hang on rewind... where had i got to? we had done a day trip and fallen in love with the place, we had arranged to go back and camp for a week or so. i had a sulky week in ipswich whingeing and waiting.

so.. this wonderful place is actually an education centre of sorts.. there is a main hall that sleeps around fifty, there is a meditation space and a arts and crafts building. there is a straw bale barn, a tree house, it is surrounded by woodlands and meadow. the education team work with kids from nursery age right the way through.. while we were there they were doing the wizard of oz with a group of forty four year olds (thats small kids not middle aged people) .. next week they will be doing earth watch. it is all outdoors, hands on, amazing fiery excitement.

we went to stay for five warmish but rainy nights.. and apart from a small tent flood it was amazing. we got better acquainted with the education and hospitality teams. i did some volunteering in the kitchen and papajoe plaited willow hedges and did some weeding. the kids stripped naked and ran and rolled and splashed in mud. 

at the thought of two more torrential nights and potential floods we disappointingly left early but we are in the south west preparing to go back and this time with our home!

not only are they offering us a space to to put our yurt but a building we could use to run a home ed group and a steiner inspired parent and toddler group. they are completely on board with papajoe building a composting loo and we would have space to grow things and keep animals. we get to help out and be involved in a group of people doing something so fantastic for the local community and even wider.

it is a beautiful and inspiring place just to hang out and i get to bring up my family right in the middle of it!


  1. Soooo excited for you! Awesome news!
    Pleeeease tell me where it is! I might move and stalk you! ;) xx

  2. Eeeeek! What a dream! It's going to be such a beautiful place to grow together xxx

  3. i hope there will be pics soon! Sooooo happy for you! You should post on Offbeat Homes!!!! xxx