Wednesday, 27 June 2012

bloody wood

first of all i feel i should put it out there that i love my husband and he has done an amazing job trying to figure this all out and make it work. he is a super star. today though i nearly rang his neck, when i thought we were spending quite a bit on wood only to discover we had bought far to little. i sat in the van and cried down the phone to my mum. having had some stewing time with some paper, a pen and a calculator (and a large glass of wine) i have come to the conclusion that -  

a) money spent on floor is money well spent
b) working out how much rectangular wood you need to make a circle is bloody difficult and 
c) papajoe did his best, the man who worked at the wood place was obviously a wally and this is about moving forward and making the best of whatever we've got! 

with that in mind, tomorrow we will get up early, go buy some more wood and then rush over there to build a floor. we have after all, in case you haven't heard, bought a yurt! that involved quite a bewildered cashier and a very large envelope. when i went to deposit the cash i very briefly entertained the idea of just legging it but was distracted by the lady ahead of me in the queue with not only odd socks but odd shoes!!!  

so after a whole lot of hoo-ha and changing of minds the plan goes... tomorrow build a floor, friday pick up and build a yurt, saturday, if not dead from exhaustion, empty storage keep some stuff but mainly fill nearer storage and sunday start living in a yurt!! 

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  1. brilliant! where is this yurt nand when can we come and stay?